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Orders received after August 27 will be fulfilled in late December only.

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How to order from Sumizdat

List prices:
Kiselev's Geometry / Book I -- $ 39.95.   Kiselev's Geometry / Book II -- $ 30.00.   Arithmetic for Parents -- $ 29.95.   To You - in 10 Decades -- $ 20.00.

Currently you can purchase the books directly from us at discount prices.

Title Price
Kiselev's Geometry (I and II) $ 45.00
Kiselev's Geometry / Book I $ 29.90
Kiselev's Geometry / Book II $ 20.00
Arithmetic for Parents $ 10.00
To You - in 10 Decades $ 5.00


Within the US, by Media Mail (2-9 business days).
Total shipping cost regardless of the number of ordered books is $3.00

Expedited shipping within the US (by Priority Mail, 1-3 business days)
is available at checkout: $7.00 regardless of the number of ordered books

Outside the US, the books are shipped by Priority Mail International.
The cost of shipping two books is the same as shipping one:
Mexico or Canada -- $24, all other countries -- $ 32.

If we find and use more economical shipping to your location, the difference will be refunded.


For bulk purchases (five or more copies) contact order@sumizdat.com   for further discounts.


Return Policy:

Returns within 30 days of delivery are accepted for full refund provided that the books are returned in the original new condition.

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